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Artistic Freedom Commissions are currently CLOSED!Please allow 48-72 hours for a reply if your application is selected.

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Please be aware of what an "Artistic Freedom Commission" entails before filling out this form.You can read all about this new, experimental commission type over at my commission pricing page, all the way at the bottom: Commission Types & PricingIn order to apply for a commission you must read and accept my Terms of Service.
If commissions are closed the commission request form will not function. You can request to be notified of future commission openings >>here<<.

Important note: If the form does not function, you may need to provide smaller reference files.

!! Please DO NOT (intentionally) send duplicate requests !!
This will NOT increase your chances of being selected!
If you've filled out all required fields and the form does not function, please e-mail me directly instead:[email protected]

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